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Welcome to Juanita High School’s biggest hackathon, Reconnect-Ed! From October 21-23, we will bring together 200+ High School and College students from the Western Washington community for a weekend of learning. As a hackathon put together by students for students, it is important that we address some of the issues our youth face.

With nearly 40% of all students experiencing diagnosable mental illness, it’s no surprise that a national mental health crisis is occurring amongst students. Despite these alarming statistics, research has shown that nearly half of all US adults see seeking counseling for these issues as a weakness. It is important that we as a community come together to find ways to make mental health resources more accessible.

By partnering with Juanita High School’s Mental Health Club to educate young scholars on the importance of mental health through coding, we are endorsing a community with a better, less prejudiced comprehension of these issues.we wish to provide and encourage better mental health resources for both us and our future generations.

Our Mission

To create an impact, one string of code at a time!

This site's source code is available on Github